It was a real pleasure to be able to sit in with Butch Trucks and The Freight Train Band this summer. Butch (The Allman Bros. Band) graciously invited me to sing "Ophelia" by The Band on the last string of shows of their summer tour of the North East US. Not only was it a blast singing with such amazing players but to sing a Band song was the icing on the cake for me! They also had me tag along to my first Music Masters camp in Big Indian NY at a very beautiful placed called Full Moon Resort. Here was the 4th year of Roots Rock Revival camp, and I was so blown away by the vibes and the music. It was a little overwhelming at first but by the end it was really hard to leave all my new friends and such a beautiful hidden treasure. Thanks to all the amazing people I've met along the way this summer and I hope to see you all out next year!

JP's Music Blog adds Gossip in the Devils Radio to it's Outstanding female Singer/Songwriters new albums list. Less then one week away to get your copy, just in time for Christmas!

Read more here!

Thanks to Danny at the alternate root for making devil at my door number 3 this week! Featuring Damon Fowler

Check it out here!

Thanks to WMNF and postmodern hootenanny for spinning my track "sick of this town" featuring Thorson Moore tonight. You can catch the episode on


The CBC has added Gossip in the Devil's Radio to their catalog! Please feel free to call into your local CBC and request a tune!  Here is what Mark Rheaume has to say about it:

"Diana Catherine may hail from Canada, but her timeless blend of roots, country, and blues is Americana personified. The wide variety of sounds on "Gossip in the Devil's Radio" is the equal of her chops...and this woman has the chops! Not to be missed.|"

Mark Rheaume, head of CBC Radio’s Music Resources department and host of Fresh Air. In some sense you could almost call him an ‘Executive Plugger’! Mark has reported on music for many CBC shows, including  Definitely Not the Opera and Ontario Morning. His syndicated music review column is carried on CBC stations across the country and he has served as a juror for the Polaris Prize and the Juno Awards.

Hold onto yer hats folks! I'm about to give you the official release date for Gossip in the Devil's Radio....... Drum roll please.... DECEMBER 15th 2015!!!! It will be available for purchase online and live. You can check it out on itunes, amazon, CD baby and right here on the website.


I'll be letting you know about the CD release party here in my home state of Florida soon. I'll be setting up a live internet broadcast for those of you who want to take part in the action from the comfort of your house(or wherever you get wifi). More info to come on that.


Thanks for being patient everyone and I hope you enjoy the fruits of this very long labor.



Diana Catherine

Hey Everyone! So a lot has gone down since I've last posted here. I got married and had a baby boy, who isn't much of a baby anymore. I've put my album on hold to be mommy for a few years. Best decision I've ever made! But with that said, I'm ready to get this album out. I'm feeling the itch and I think it's something you all need to hear. I'm very proud of it and the amazing talent that accompanied me on the album. So this I promise, before 2015 is over you will see the new album from Diana Catherine! Stay tuned for details and upcoming shows. Cheers!

In the Studio NOW!!!

Diana Catherine is hard at work with her second full length album. It's in it's final stages, stay tuned for a release date to come!


"I'm so excited to share these new songs with everyone! Bud(Snyder) and I are working hard to bring you a wonderful eclectic mix of material, in true Diana Catherine form. Unfortunately the Thrusty Tweeters will not be joining me on this album but I look forward to working with them again in the future. I'm super excited to work with the amazing and talented (former Allman Brother) Dangerous Dan Toler!!!! Not to mention the incredible talents of Berry Oakley Jr., Damon Fowler, Thorson Moore, Pedro Arevalo, James Vernardo, Mike Fender and so many more! 2013 is going to be a wild ride as I look forward to joining forces on the road with my brothers and sisters in our great big musical family.  See you all at the next show! Let the good times (rock and) ROLL!!!"


   - Diana Catherine



On March 25th 2012 I was part of a very special show in NYC. Berry Oakley's Jive Ass Review with the Rowdy Roadies and the Shady Ladies LIVE at the famous Iridium Jazz Club, frequented by the amazing Les Paul himself! I was a Shady Lady muhaaa! The wonderful reps at GIBSON NYC Jim Felber and Mike Mullin were nice enough to share some tremendous gear with us. One story that they shared with me, about a particular piece of gear, brought out the uber fan in me. I was in need of a Mandolin for the showcase so they were going to hook me up with a very VERY special one indeed! They said when Bob Dylan....yes THE BOB DYLAN... comes to town they usually lend him this particular Mandolin. Him and only him. Until now!!! They decided to also loan me this very same Mandolin for this very special night! It sang like no other I've ever played! I could feel Bob's MOJO on it! So there is my Bob Dylan Mandolin story, which I'm very happy to share with all of you wonderful folk!


More Album News to come please stay tuned!

We'd like to Introduce you to a few new Tweeters! Please Welcome Mike Fender, Berry Duane Oakley and Jeff Arevalo to the Thrusty Family. They will be seen and heard around with Diana Catherine along with Kevin Robinson and Mark Wilson.


We are also pleased to announce the coming of the 2nd album! We will begin recording in Jan 2012, check in here for video blogs live from the sessions at The Spirit Ranch. Even more exciting are some of the special guests we will have on this album including Mike Kach(Dickey Betts and Great Southern) Garrett Dawson(Twinkle Schascle Yochim) and Berry Duane Oakley (Chuck Negron Band)!

Hey Everyone! I'm happy to tell you that I'm spending the summer in Sarasota Florida working again with our producer Bud Snyder(The Allman Brothers) on the Tweeters new album!

This is number two for us and it's gonna be bigger and better then ever. We're gonna have some amazing special guests on the album but yer gonna have to wait and see who ;P

For now, the tweeters have taken the summer off from touring. We miss you friends but next time we see you it will be with a NEW disk!

Check out the events page for a few shows we have coming up this fall, we can't leave you too long without a little tweeters fix.


Enjoy the summer, be safe and drink whiskey!

Hey Thanks!

Friday, January 7, 2011 at 04:16PM


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Hey WITRR Radio! THANKS for adding us to your rotation!

Update on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at 10:14PM by [Your Name Here]


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So this is Cool, We are gonna be on WITRR live on Feb 1st! Part of the initial LAUNCH as one of the Network's first interviews. Listen in From 7-9pm Central Time.


Friday, December 31, 2010 at 03:27PM


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 2010 Best Toronto Adult Contemporary CD Album

Selyne Maia "To Love Is To Listen", Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


* WINNER * Diana Catherine and the Thrusty Tweeters, Toronto, Ontario Canada

Now this is Thrusty!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at 11:42PM


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Burlesque done to Train Song...oh yeahhhhh

It's an honor just to be nominated!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at 01:34PM


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We will find out who wins on Dec 30th! cross yer fingers for us folks!

New 2011 Dates And MOM fundraiser!

Friday, December 3, 2010 at 12:52PM


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Hi everyone!


Just wanna let you know we are posting new dates in 2011 almost everyday, check back and see when we might be rolling through your town.

I'd also like to let you fine folks know about a little fundraiser that the Tweeters are organizing. As some of you may know last summer we were one of the acts on the main stage on Sat night at The Music on The Mountain Festival (MOM). It was by far the best festival I've ever been a part of, the music was killer the people were great and the vibe was right. It was their first year in action so we wanted to do our part and help make sure this festival continues to grow, so many more people can enjoy it for years to come.

SOOOO we will be performing with a stellar line up of musicians on Thursday Feb 3rd 2011 at The Rivoli in Toronto to help bring some love back to the great people at MOM!

Tickets are $10 and all proceeds go to the festival. The acts included on the bill are Diana Catherine and the Thrusty Tweeters, Andrea Ramolo and her One Man Band, Brian MacMillan, Brenna MacQuarrie and much much more!

See you all down the road...

USA here we come!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 03:04PM


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2011 is gonna be an exciting year for the Tweeters in the US. To start we will be making an appearance on Acoustic Songs Live on WNJR in Washington, PA. We will also be Live at Groovebox Studios in Detroit to record and be interviewed for one of their web episodes. Stay tuned for more!

Kevin Hutchings.... a wonderful man!

Thursday, September 9, 2010 at 01:05PM


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Kevin let us crash at his place in Ness Lake outside of Prince George and he wrote this wonderful blog about us. Thanks Kevin!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010 at 01:58PM


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Well those of you who have seen us live in the last 8 months have been hearing this new tune of ours Birdman. It was inspired by a painting I saw at Arts Wells Festival in 2009. We were blessed to play it this year and I told that story as I often do, low and behold the artist was there! Ladies and Gents the wonderful artist behind the painting Laura McIntosh .  You can see here work if you click her name. But for now here is the Painting that started it all! Woot Woot Canadian Artists Rock!

Big Thanks!!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at 01:49PM


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Ya know it's hard being a musician sometimes, we don't make a lot of money and we live on the road. So we would like to thank the following companies for showing a little love to a touring band! You guys are great!!!


If you are ever traveling and need some place to stay in these cities, Please contact them. They are Good People!

The Bristol Motel in Wawa, ON

Ranchmen Motel in Medicine Hat, AB

Hospitality Inn in Kamloops, BC

Sunrise Motel in Regina, SK

The Schell Motel Express in Vernon, BC

Featured on Women of Substance Radio TODAY!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 01:17PM


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I know it's short notice but I got the email this morning. We are being featured on Women of Substance Radio at 4pm ET 1pm PT


Check it out here or if you have facebook become a fan of us and Woman of Substance


Thanks Radio Free Americana!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 12:12AM


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We would like to thank Warren "Cat" Catlett of Radio Free Americana for giving us a whopping 122 plays this month!

Check out this great station here

Sonicbids Spotlight Artist

Monday, February 22, 2010 at 08:15PM


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Sonicbids has selected us as one of the 5 artist they showcase on their home page for the week. It's great exposeure and we are very happy to have been seleced.

Check out Sonicbids

or our EPK

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 at 02:28PM

Hey Everyone!


We have found out our showcase info for canadian music week. We are playing with some amazing people! Hope to see you there!

We are playing at :

1296 Queen St. West

Here is the line up right now:

Doors: 8:00PM
Vince Mira  
Val Halla  
Sean Ashby  
Diana Catherine & The Thrusty Tweeters

Hey everyone,

I really think you should take a look at these sites if you feel like making a change in this world!!

World Vison Canada. 

Moon Bear Rescue - Animals Asia


Sunday, January 31, 2010 at 02:46PM

WOOT WOOT!! Diana Catherine and the Thrusty Tweeters have been selected to perform at this years CANADIAN MUSIC FEST (or week for those old school peeps lol)

Please check back for more information about the showcase date and time. Diana and the Tweeters will be kicking around The Fairmont Royal York Hotel for this year's TuneUp Conference. So if yer in T.O. come on out for a weeks worth of GREAT Canadian music!

"Authentic Americana from a Canadian band. Diana Catherine and The Thrusty Tweeters are tight and full of southern flavor. I dare you to listen to "Long Road" and not think of John Mellencamp or Lynyrd Skynyrd"

Jason Lawrence - Sony Music Entertainment Canada

"Authentic Americana from a Canadian band. Diana Catherine and The Thrusty Tweeters are tight and full of southern flavor. I dare you to listen to "Long Road" and not think of John Mellencamp or Lynyrd Skynyrd"

Jason Lawrence - Sony Music Entertainment Canada

Monday, January 25, 2010 at 08:13PM

Travelin' Man (off the Spirit Ranch Sessions) is winning awards on Garage band! Check it out:

Best Female Vocals in Blues Rock, week of 25Jan2010
Best Guitars in Blues Rock, week of 25Jan2010
Best Drums in Blues Rock, week of 25Jan2010
Best Bass overall, week of 25Jan2010
Best Bass in Blues Rock, week of 25Jan2010
Best Lyrics in Blues Rock, week of 25Jan2010
Best Melody in Blues Rock, week of 18Jan2010
Best Beat in Blues Rock, week of 25Jan2010


If you live in Yorkton, SK then pick up your local paper for a review of the album by Calvin Daniel this Wednesday! or online at


DateTuesday, January 19, 2010 at 12:11AM

Check it out here.


We would  like to announce that we are now part of the World Vision Team. Official ambassadors to the less fortunate childern out there. For more info come to one of our shows and chat a while :)  It's time to start paying it forward! ( I really liked that movie...Kevin Spacey Rocks!)

Saturday, January 16, 2010 at 01:00AM

"Wow! This is a debut?  It's seems after just one listen that I've loved this album forever!  Great songs, a passionate singer with a terrific band equals an album that can't be ignored!  I can't believe these guys recorded this right under my nose in my hometown of Sarasota, and I didn't know about it.  It's early, but this is now the best new album I've heard this year and it may be some time before anything better comes along!"
Charly Lukhardt

Saturday, January 16, 2010 at 01:11AM

I love the fact the we got scored in MOLSONS...HAHAHAHAAHA I am Canadian!

Saturday, January 16, 2010 at 01:14AM

If you read the review, bear in mind that it is the google translation from Dutch! I think you'll get it...they like us :)

As Voted on Travelin' Man has won Best Female Vocals in Blues Rock for the Week of Jan 11, 2010. Thanks everyone on Garageband who voted and for all the feedback both positive and not so positive.


Also, You can hear us on EPISODE 163 of  IndieCan Radio

Keep listening in this episode for our touring partners THE STRIP - We will be announcing all the dates for our WAGONS EAST tour shortly!

DateTuesday, January 5, 2010 at 09:37AM

Fresh Air's man-about-music and head of CBC Music Resource Mark Rheaume surveys what's new from Ontario musicians every month on Fresh Air. This last Episode he listed his Best of '09 and we made the list!

check it out here

RIVITING RIFFS 2010 Predictions

While we cannot even begin to scratch the surface of the tens of thousands of talented singers, songwriters, musicians, and producers who are out there, we can give you some hints of people to keep an eye on during 2010 and who we feel will make a big splash on the music scene.


US! Check out the awards we've won at!

"LUCINDA" - The Spirit Ranch Sessions

Best Female Vocals overall, week of 7Dec2009
Best Female Vocals in Blues Rock, week of 7Dec2009
Best Guitars overall, week of 7Dec2009
Best Guitars in Blues Rock, week of 7Dec2009
Best Drums in Blues Rock, week of 7Dec2009
Best Bass overall, week of 7Dec2009
Best Bass in Blues Rock, week of 7Dec2009
Best Production in Blues Rock, week of 7Dec2009
Best Lyrics overall, week of 7Dec2009
Best Lyrics in Blues Rock, week of 7Dec2009
Best Melody in Blues Rock, week of 7Dec2009
Best Beat overall, week of 7Dec2009
Best Beat in Blues Rock, week of 7Dec2009
Best Mood overall, week of 7Dec2009
Best Mood in Blues Rock, week of 7Dec2009
Most Original in Blues Rock, week of 7Dec2009
Rocking Track in Blues Rock, week of 7Dec2009


"SOBER" - The Spirit Ranch Sessions

Best Female Vocals in Americana, week of 30Nov2009

"Walk" - The Spirit Ranch Sessions

Best Guitars in Americana, week of 23Nov2009

We are being played on more stations...oh yeah! From Austin to Vancouver and back again here are the shows and links that are playing The Spirit Ranch Sessions.

Please, if you live in these areas call in & request your favorite song!


THIS GREAT WHITE NORTH - Hear it at OUR NEW TIME - FRIDAYS from 4:30-6pm CST on 91.7 KOOP FM - AUSTIN. Stream it HERE.

-Austin, Texas

Sunday Coffee House91X - Sunday mornings from 9:30 to 11:00am on CJLX-FM 92.3 Click HERE

-Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Bannana Peel Radio - Vancouver BC CANADA

 Do You Hear What I Hear - Wed at 11pm -  Ottawa ON CANADA

GHOSTS AND DEMONS - airs every sunday night live at 930pmest

-DANBURY, Connecticut  United States

Diana Catherine is interviewed after their set at INDIE WEEK '09 at Holy Joes. They also play a track from The Spirit Ranch Sessions. Thanks Joe!

Check out Episode 153 or INDIECAN RADIO

Check them out below!

Riveting Riffs


Check out this review by Sheena Lyonnais  Here

          Phone: (204) 780-KICK(5425)
          Email: or



We are on air with live performances between 8:30 am and 10am Tuesday Sept. 15th.

Listen to 89.5 CIUT

September 17th ,2009 @ The Hideout 484 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON.

It's a Double CD release with The great Sean Pinchin, with his new disk " A Day Without May"

There was a write up about Diana Catherine in GWNtertainment. Check it out on our press page!

Thanks to Barbra Bruederlin for her amazing review on Bad Tempered Zombie! Hope to come back to Calgary soon to rock yer pants off again!

Cherck it out!

Alan Cross, famous for his On Going History of New Music show, mentioned us as a band to check out on his latest blog! COOL BEANS! It's called 

A&R Panel Number 2 – What Do YOU Think?

Posted by: Alan Cross | Aug 27 2009 8:00AM
Updated: Aug 27 2009 4:10PM


Check it out HERE

Check out the Review here

Ladies and Gents The Spirit Ranch Sessions have officially reached #4 on the Nation wide campus radio Charts, !Earshot. Thanks to all the Stations, Program Directors, DJ's and you the fine listeners!

Check out the amazing review of The Spirit Ranch Sessions by Jimmy Rae


Diana and the Tweeters have hit the Road on the Spirits and Flowers Tour with the  Great Sarah Burton. They have two shows of the tour under their belt and plently more to come.


Tonight they play in Edmonton, Check out the Live page for more details for the show and upcoming dates.


Hope to see you there!

July 3rd - Diana Catherine and the Thrusty Tweeters were played on CBC Radio 1 Programs Here and Now in Ontario and Mainstreet in Nova Scotia. Thanks for your support CBC! We love You!

Welcome to the brand new site! It's been a long time comin' but it's finally here. Take a look around there is plenty to see, read and buy!

On the Tour Front -

We are packin' up and heading Westward for the Summer. Check the "Live" Section for all the dates. We would love see you out there.

The NEW ALBUM The Spirit Ranch Sessions is out now and available here and soon to be available on itunes (we'll let you know).

We're going to be doing Video blogs of the tour so check back for those, they are bound to make you laugh and cry...

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